March, 2013 Archive

Are Lawsuits Permissible?

Hank explains that fellow believers should not sue one another; however, when someone has violated a contract, the judicial system based on biblical principles may be used as recourse.

Christianity and Black Slavery

CONTENTS: 04 From the Editor Observing the Fortieth Anniversary of Roe v.Wade 06 Response A Thief in the Night…The Troubling Truth about Bonhoeffer’s Theology…The Fine Points of Discernment 08 Effective Evangelism Reaching Postmodern “Leavers” 10 Practical Hermeneutics Was Saint Peter the First Pope? 12 Christianity and Black Slavery by Jeffrey B. Russell Ethical Discernment and […]


Hank answers a question about whether or not there is evidence to refute the idea that primitive man evolved intellectually.

Spiritual Gifts

Hank explains spiritual gifts and how they are discovered.