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Apologetics Archive

Witnessing Tips: Apologetics, Truth, and Humility

Recently when I was discussing philosophy with an earnest undergraduate student, she informed me that she rejected the idea that she could know “the truth” because this would condemn everyone who disagreed with her. Since philosophers have traditionally exulted in winning arguments instead of eliminating them, I asked why she shunned victory in favor of […]

Fulfilled Prophecy as an Apologetic

This article first appeared in Christian Research Journal Fall (1989). The full text of this article in PDF format can be obtained by clicking here. For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: http://www.equip.org/christian-research-journal/ Perhaps the most significant question posed to believers in our “post­-Christian” culture revolves around the inspiration […]

Biblical Archaeology: Factual Evidence to Support the Historicity of the Bible

This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 27, number 2 (2004). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: http://www.equip.org Archaeological finds that contradict the contentions of biblical minimalists and other revisionists have been listed above. There are many more, however, that corroborate biblical evidence, and the […]

Biblical History: The Faulty Criticism of Biblical Historicity

This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 27, number 2 (2004). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: http://www.equip.org. The new criticism of the scriptural record is corrosive and categorical from beginning to end. It claims, for example, that there is no evidence that any such […]

Panteismo: ¿Cual Es El Consept de La Nueva Era Acerca de Dios?

Los miembros de La Nueva Era creen en Dios. De hecho, ellos creen que todos y todos es dios. Entonces, ¿cuantos dioses creen ellos que existen? Solamente uno.Para los cristianos, Dios es un ser personal todopoderoso, omnipotente, omnisciente y benévole. Además, las escrituras consistentemente distinguen entre Dios el Creador y Su creación.Al remover todas las […]

What Is the Cosmological Argument?

WHAT IS THE COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT- An Introduction Ever consider this one? Where in the world did the universe come from? Pretty profound isn’t it? Well is there a rational and satisfying answer to the question? WHAT IS THE COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT- Accounting for the Universe Just how do we account for the universe in which we […]

What Is the Teleological Argument?

WHAT IS THE TELEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT- An Introduction Watches, machines, computers — all examples of intelligent design.  And like them, the universe also exhibits evidences of intelligent design.  Well is this proof of a Cosmic Designer? WHAT IS THE TELEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT- A Definition The argument known as the “argument from design” (teleological) reasons that evidence for […]

Why Believe in God?

WHY BELIEVE IN GOD- an Introduction “Come on, man!  We live in an age of scientific enlightenment — you can’t really mean that you still believe there’s a God.  Get real, I mean I used to believe there was a God too, but that was when I was still in kindergarten — in diapers.  Now […]

Creation Science: Answering the Objections

CREATION SCIENCE VS. EVOLUTION- Introduction A recent article from Omni magazine stated that evolution was a scientific fact, but creationism was a matter of faith.  This is just one of many objections evolutionists postulate against creationism.  How should the Christian respond?  The CRI Perspective in a moment. CREATION SCIENCE VS. EVOLUTION- Evolution a Fact? When […]

What Is the Relationship between Science and the Bible?

SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE- Introduction In December of 1981 an Arkansas judge ruled that an account of life’s origin which postulates a Divine Creator is not scientific.  Well is this judge enlightened or is he dragging us into the dark ages? SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE- Contradictory? It’s true that the Bible shouldn’t be read as […]

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