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Bible Apologetics: Is it a Need?

THE NEED FOR APOLOGETICS- Introduction “Why do apologetics? Isn’t just having faith enough?” This response is typical of many Christians who believe apologetics is simply unnecessary. What is the purpose of apologetics? THE NEED FOR APOLOGETICS- The Bible Tells Us So The first reason why we need apologetics is that the Bible says we do. […]

La Resurreccion de Jesus: La Teoria Del Desmayo

Es de esperarse que los escépticos de la fe cristiana nieguen la resurrección de Jesús de entre los muertos. Lo que verdaderamente me toma por sorpresa es que algunos de ellos tienen la audacia de negar que Jesús murió en la cruz. Por supuesto, si no hay muerte tampoco puede haber resurrección.La teoría que Jesús […]

The Swoon Theory: Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

THE SWOON THEORY- Introduction Well, you’d expect skeptics of Christianity to deny the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. What really blows my mind is that some of them also have the temerity to deny that Jesus actually died on the cross. No death, therefore no resurrection. THE SWOON THEORY- The Evidence? The theory that […]

What Is Pascal’s Wager?

WHAT IS PASCAL’S WAGER- Introduction When discussing God’s existence, the name Pascal immediately comes to mind. But can you remember what was meant by…”Pascal’s wager?” WHAT IS PASCAL’S WAGER- Blaise Pascal Pascal lived from 1623-1662. He was renowned as a French mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and theologian. Anyone who has taken a high school or college […]

God vs Atheism: Is Atheism Logical?

GOD VS. ATHEISM- Introduction Atheism is the world view that denies the existence of God. More specifically, traditional atheism argues that there never was and never will be a God. But is this position logical? GOD VS. ATHEISM- Suppositions Atheism positively affirms that there is no God. But can the atheist be certain of this […]

If Christianity Is True, Why Is there Evil?

If Christianity is true, why has so much evil been done in the name of Christ?The question of evil being done in the name of Christ is a question of consistency (I’ll explain what that means in a moment). This question can be resolved by showing that such acts in no way invalidate the gospel.First, […]

Is Theistic Evolution possible?

THEISTIC EVOLUTION- Introduction Creation versus Evolution. As the debate rages, there remain those who contend that they can subscribe to modern evolutionary theory and, at the same time, believe in God’s Good News as revealed in the Bible.1 Is this belief in Theistic Evolution truly rational? THEISTIC EVOLUTION- What Is Theistic Evolution? Proponents of theistic […]

Apologetics: Is it a Moral Responsibility for Christians?

Apologetics does not deal with excuses, but rather with answers. It means a defense of a particular stance on any given subject.  But how big a role should apologetics play in a Christian’s witness? Do we have to present a case for Christianity? Or are we simply called to preach the gospel?Certainly most Christians are aware […]

Is There Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ

THE RESURRECTION of CHRIST- Introduction It’s often said that the validity of Christianity rests upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But how do we know Jesus rose from the dead? THE RESURRECTION of CHRIST- A Historical Event As Paul noted in 1 Corinthians 15:14, if Christ did not rise from the dead then our preaching […]

Does God Do Miracles?

DOES GOD DO MIRACLES- Introduction From cover to cover the Bible is full of miraculous accounts. But can miracles really happen? DOES GOD DO MIRACLES- WHAT IS A MIRACLE? A miracle is a unique and unprecedented event. But if this is the case, then how can we explain it? How can we, for example, make […]