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The Problem of Evil

THE PROBLEM OF EVIL- Introduction One of the most difficult questions that Christians have posed to them concerns the problem of evil and human suffering. People frequently ask, if God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good, why is there evil and human suffering in the world? THE PROBLEM OF EVIL- A Product of Choice According to […]

Creation vs Evolution: Is there Evidence for Creation?

The idea that God created the world and life is often thought to have been disproved by evolutionary theory. Is there any scientific evidence for creation? CREATION VS EVOLUTION- The Universe Had a Beginning The truth is that the scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports creation. Let me attempt to point out just some of this evidence […]

Is Faith Reasonable?

Christians are often accused of having “blind faith.” Is faith reasonable, and how are faith and reason related? The CRI Perspective in a moment. What is Reasonable Faith? Biblical faith is not a blind faith but is, in fact, faith in evidence. First of all, the Bible is very clear that faith is based on […]

Apologetics: Still Relevant Today?

“The apologists — I’m telling you they could make falling off a stool difficult. You’d have to go to college to learn how to fall off a stool if you were an apologist….So, I’m not impressed with the apologist any longer. And I may as well get it out — I used to be one! […]

What Is Christian Apologetics?

WHAT IS CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS? “Apologetics” is a term thrown around quite a bit today. Just what is Christian Apologetics, anyhow? Christian Apologetics has had a long history going all the way back to the New Testament itself. In the Book of Acts the Christians presented reasoned answers to various charges made against Christianity. To the […]