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The Creation Story: How Old Is the Earth?

While all Christians believe that the universe was created by God (Genesis1:1), opinions vary widely concerning when this creation took place. In the seventeenth century Catholic Archbishop James Ussher presented his biblical chronology, which drew upon such genealogies as those listed in Genesis five and eleven, to date the creation at 4004 B. C. Bishop […]

The Canaanites: How Could a Just God Command His People to Destroy an Entire Nation?

THE CANAANITES- Introduction Have you ever heard a skeptic point to the violence chronicled in Scripture and then try to discredit God and His Word? They point out the fact that God commands the Israelites, for example, to wipe out the Canaanites including women, children, and even cattle. If that doesn’t prove that God is […]

Does “The Son Can Do Nothing of Himself” Mean Jesus Is not God??

JESUS IS NOT GOD?!- Introduction Cultists who deny that Jesus Christ is God commonly quote John 5:19 as proof.  Jesus says, “the Son can do nothing of Himself.” JESUS IS NOT GOD?!- John 5:19 Ironically John 5:19, in reality is a powerful proof text that confirms Jesus Christ is, in fact, God. As always, a […]

The sign of Jonah: Did Jesus Give a Sign?

THE SIGN OF JONAH- Introduction In Mark 8:11-13, Jesus tells the Pharisees that a wicked adulterous generation asked for a miraculous sign — they’re not going to get one. But in the parallel passage in Matthew 12:38-40, Jesus says that they will get a sign, that of His resurrection.  Is this a contradiction? THE SIGN […]

Three Days, Three Nights

THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS- Introduction In Matthew 12:40 Jesus prophesies that He would be dead “three days and three nights.” The fact of the matter is he was dead for only two nights and one full day. THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS- The Facts Let’s look at the record. Jesus died on a Friday […]

The Prophet Jonah: Jonah’s “False Prophecy”

THE PROPHET JONAH- Introduction You wouldn’t normally expect Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and skeptics to agree on much of anything. Yet all three share a similar opinion regarding, of all things, the Book of Jonah. Can you guess what it is? The CRI Perspective in a moment. THE PROPHET JONAH- False Prophet? Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and […]

The Genealogy of Jesus: Genealogical Difficulties in Matthew and Luke

THE GENEALOGY OF JESUS- Introduction As far back as the third century A.D. people have wrestled with the question of who Joseph’s father was. Here in Matthew it says: Joseph is the son of Jacob, — in Luke it says Heli is Joseph’s father. THE GENEALOGY OF JESUS- Who Is Joseph’s Father? With the wide […]