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What Is the Tree of Life?

The wisest man who ever lived likened wisdom, “the fruit of the righteous” and “longing fulfilled,” to the proverbial “Tree of Life” (Proverbs 3:18; 11:30; 13:12). Such exemplars of beauty […]

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?

A growing number of Christian thinkers say no. Francis Collins, theistic evolutionist and founder of the BioLogos Foundation and tapped by President Obama to be Director of the National Institutes […]

What About the Gap Theory?

The Gap theory—or Ruin/Reconstruction theory—arose with the dawn of modern science as an attempt to reconcile the geological age of the cosmos with the Genesis account of creation. Traceable to […]

Does the Bible Teach That God Created a Flat Earth?

In A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Andrew Dickson White, president and founder of Cornell University, decries the regrettable reality that two hundred years after […]

Why Is Creation ex Nihilo Theologically Significant?

Although creation ex nihilo has been compromised, confused, and contradicted, nothing could be more certain, correct, or theologically significant. Why? Because the doctrine of creation out of nothing (ex nihilo) […]

Is the Fine-Tuning of the Universe Negated by the Notion of a Multiverse?

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is infamous for supposing that the existence of a vast number of universes—a multiverse—explains the fine-tuning of our universe. In other words, Hawking asserts that, given […]

What Are the Three Great Apologetic Issues?

There are three great apologetic issues—origins, resurrection, and biblical authority. Chief among these is the issue of origins. First, how you view your origins will determine how you live your […]

What Is the Genius of Genesis?

To say that Genesis is a literary masterpiece is to understate its elegance. With inspired brilliance, Moses interlaced a historical narrative with both symbolism and repetitive poetic structure, and he […]

Did Moses Write the Book of Genesis?

One complaint about the Genesis account of creation is that the first five books of the Bible, known collectively as the Pentateuch (“five-volumed book”), could not possibly have been written […]

Can People of Science Be People of Scripture?

The realization that revelation is key to knowledge led medieval thinkers to crown theology “Queen of the Sciences.” Peter Paul Rubens elegantly illustrated this truth in a seventeenth-century painting entitled […]