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Bible Myth: Is the Bible a Myth?

IS THE BIBLE MYTH?- Introduction If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a million times, “You can’t take the Bible literally.”  You often hear people say that although it may be inspirational, it’s also full of myths and fables.  Well, is this really true? IS THE BIBLE MYTH?- Not a Fable! If the Bible is […]

Bible Interpretation: That’s Just Your Interpretation

INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE- IntroductionHow many times has this happened to you?  You quote the Bible in a conversation only to hear, “That’s just your interpretation?”  Is one interpretation of the Bible as good as any other? INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE- Not an Abstract ArtWhen someone says, “That’s just your interpretation,” usually what they are […]

Bible Contradictions: Does the Bible Contradict Itself?

Well, if you’re like most people, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say “The Bible is full of contradictions.”  Well, is this true?  Does the Bible contradict itself? Does the Bible Contradict Itself- A definition Speaking of contradictions, let me begin by saying that two statements are said to contradict if the truth of one of […]

Studying the Bible: Is the Bible Hard to Understand?

STUDYING THE BIBLE- Introduction Many people avoid reading or studying the Bible.  They say it’s just too hard to understand.  It may be comprehensible to ivory tower scholars but not me.  In fact, religion in general is just too difficult to sort out.  Well, is the bible too hard to understand or can God speak […]

Bible Manuscripts: The Reliability of Bible Manuscripts

THE BIBLE MANUSCRIPTS- Introduction Non-Christians, (skeptics like New Agers or Mormons) claim that in the process of copying Scripture the text of the Bible was corrupted. Is this really true? THE BIBLE MANUSCRIPTS- An Example Suppose you wrote an essay and asked five friends to copy it. Each of them in turn asked five more […]

La Confiabilidad de La Biblia

Obviamente, mucho tiempo ha pasado desde que la Biblia fué escrita.  De modo que, ¿cómo podemos saber que la Biblia es confiable?La Biblia es un documento histórico.  Interesantemente, si usted la somete a las mismas pruebas que somete a otros documentos históricos, descubrirá que la Biblia se prueba a sí misma de ser mucho más […]

Is the Bible Reliable?

IS THE BIBLE RELIABLE?- Introduction Obviously, a vast amount of time has passed since the Bible was first penned. So, how do we know that the Bible is reliable? IS THE BIBLE RELIABLE?- Superior to any other Ancient Writing The Bible is a historical document. Interestingly enough, if you subject it to the same tests […]