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Catholics and Protestants: What Is the Difference?

CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS- Introduction Conservative Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants seem to hold much in common, but they also seem very divided. At what points do they agree — and at what points do they disagree? CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS- Some Common Ground It is true that conservative Catholics and evangelical Protestants have a lot in […]

The Virgin Mary: Did Mary Appear at Bayside, New York?

The so-called apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Bayside, New York have been well publicized to say the least. What is the real story behind these events?One of the most popular and controversial claims of Marian apparitions, at least in America, comes from the visionary experience of Veronica Lueken, of Bayside, New York. Lueken, a […]

Chick Publications and Roman Catholicism

CHICK PUBLICATIONS AND ROMAN CATHOLICISM- Introduction Who is Jack Chick? Can you trust his publications on Roman Catholicism? CHICK PUBLICATIONS AND ROMAN CATHOLICISM- Who is Jack Chick? Jack Chick is an artist who is best known for publishing comic-book-style Bible tracts. He’s the man behind Chick Publications, which is plagued by a chronic tendency to […]

The Lady of Fatima: Has Mary Appeared in Visions?

THE LADY OF FATIMA- Introduction Some Roman Catholics believe that Mary, the mother of Christ, has actually appeared to people in places like Fatima and Medjugorje. Well, did she? THE LADY OF FATIMA- Biblical? In evaluating the alleged appearances of Mary, our primary concern would be to determine whether these apparitions are indeed biblical. Interestingly […]

The Catholic Mass- What Is It, and Is It Biblical?

HOLY CATHOLIC MASS- Introduction The Catholic Mass — what is it, and is it biblical? HOLY CATHOLIC MASS- Communion Simply put, the Mass is a Communion service. It’s one of the seven sacraments upheld by the Catholic church in which believers can partake of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. HOLY CATHOLIC MASS- Agreements […]

Sola Scriptura: What does Sola Scriptura mean?

Sola Scriptura- Infallibility of the Scriptures Evangelical Protestants believe that Scripture alone is the infallible rule of faith. Does the Bible make this claim for itself? Sola Scriptura- Support Both Christ and the apostles viewed Scripture, and Scripture alone, as the unerring word of God. That Jesus held Scripture in the highest regard is evident […]

The Apocrypha: The Apocryphal Books of the Catholic Bible

THE APOCRYPHA BOOKS- Introduction There are more books in the Catholic Bible than there are in the Protestant Bible. Why is that? THE APOCRYPHA BOOKS- Why the Difference? The Protestant Old Testament, which contains 39 books, comes from the Palestinian Canon — which (as the name would indicate) is the set of scriptures which originated […]

The First Pope: Was Peter the First Pope?

WAS PETER THE FIRST POPE?- Introduction The Roman Catholic church claims that the papacy can be traced all the way back to Peter. The question is: “Was Peter the first pope?” WAS PETER THE FIRST POPE?- Twisting Scripture Catholics often cite Matthew 16:18 as biblical support for the papacy. In this passage Christ says: “I […]

Catholics and Salvation

CATHOLICS AND SALVATION- Introduction Some people say that the Catholic church teaches salvation by works. Is this true? CATHOLICS AND SALVATION- Salvation by Faith To begin with, let me state up front that Catholics do not teach salvation by works. In fact, the Catholic church firmly maintains that man can only be saved by God’s […]

Is the Roman Catholic Church a Cult?

IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT?- Introduction Roman Catholicism — some say it’s a cult, while others believe that it is a bona fide Christian denomination. So, which side is correct? IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT?- A Mixed Bag While Protestants continue to disagree over the issue, CRI firmly maintains that Roman Catholicism is […]