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Is the Roman Catholic Church a Cult?

IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT?- Introduction Roman Catholicism — some say it’s a cult, while others believe that it is a bona fide Christian denomination. So, which side is correct? IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT?- A Mixed Bag While Protestants continue to disagree over the issue, CRI firmly maintains that Roman Catholicism is […]

The Roman Catholic Church: What Separates Evangelicals and Roman Catholics?

EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS- Introduction Evangelical Christians and Catholics — what’s the difference? What is it that really separates them? EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS- The Beginning Evangelicals come from a movement that began as a “protest” against non-biblical elements of Catholicism — elements like the belief in purgatory and the practice of granting indulgences. Yet, there remain […]