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Saying No to Facebook

This article first appeared in the From the Editor column of the Christian Research Journal, volume 33, number 03 (2010). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: I caught your attention with my title, but the point of this editorial is not that we should always say no […]

Spiritual Boot Camp

The gospel is at the heart of the Christian faith. If Christians do not know how to share their faith, they have probably never been to “boot camp.” The gospel should be so much a part of you that presenting it becomes second nature. Here’s an easy way to do just that. The first step […]

Social Action

Christianity, of all worldviews, strikes just the right balance concerning the existence of good and evil and our moral responses to both realities. Goodness is based on the character of God and has been conferred to a good creation (Gen. 1). Evil stems from the rebellion of the creature against its Creator (Gen. 3); yet […]

The Little-Known Plight and Important Cause of the Palestinian Christian

In 1967, when Israel occupied the West Bank, I was only five years of age. As the youngest in a Christian family of twelve, I can still remember my mother grabbing my hand and leading me to the safety of our home in charming Ramallah. Belonging to the historic Arab Christian community in Palestine, my […]

An Apologetic of Horror

When one thinks of horror movies, the usual images conjured up in the mind are of nubile coeds being lured to isolated locations for the purpose of having sex and then being murdered and carved up in ever innovative and disgusting new ways by a grotesque chimera or phantasm. Likewise, for thriller movies, images that […]

Personal Power or Harmful Hedonism?

“Trusting experts blindly is not well-advised. Don’t blindly accept everything I say, either!”1 – Anthony Robbins Standing at six feet, seven inches, Anthony “Tony” Robbins is an imposing figure. His overly large hands and feet, the result of a medical condition, make him appear somewhat awkward. But as he takes the stage, it is clear […]

The Bible and Depression

In many ways, the Bible embodies evidence that it’s the product of a superior Intelligence. This can be demonstrated by examining its wisdom regarding human psychology, especially as we compare it to the secular solutions for psychological-emotional problems. THANKFULNESS AND DEPRESSION Thankfulness is great for body and soul and even for depression. According to author […]

What Price Cyberspace?

Synopsis Virtual reality is real in effect but not in fact. The assault of virtual reality occurs on at least four planes: (1) assault on place – critics of alternate reality say that the outside world, although not yet completely redundant, is getting there fast and we are becoming increasingly more isolated from the external […]

The Myths Christians Believe about Wealth and Poverty

This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 32, number 4 (2009). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: In the twentieth-century battle between communism and capitalism, capitalism won. Except for preachers of the misguided “prosperity gospel,” however, many of us still worry about capitalism. Some […]

Was Ayn Rand Right?

Synopsis In response to the critics of capitalism, many conservative Christians turn to philosopher Ayn Rand for ammunition. Rand was a staunch defender of capitalism, but also an anti-Christian atheist who argued that capitalism was based on greed. Greed, for Rand, is good. But if Rand is right, then Christians can’t be capitalists, because greed […]