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Financial Crisis Rocks First Church of Christ, Scientist

This article first appeared in the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL, Spring (1992). The full text of this article in PDF format can be obtained by clicking here. For further information or to subscribe to the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL, go to: Surrounded by charges of financial mismanagement, poor administration, and questionable editorial practices, the First Church […]

Victims to Victors:

It was just one week after my wife and I — along with our five children — had left the “Children of God” cult and temporarily moved in with my sister that she asked us to go to church with her. Just to be polite, we said we’d go. For years in the cult we’d […]

Christian Scientists Charge Their Church with Violating Its Principles

For more than four decades the Christian Science church refused to publish a book it considered heretical. But now, faced with the loss of $92 million in potential rev­enue, the church has changed its mind. The book in question The Destiny of the Mother Church by Bliss Knapp, a Chris­tian Science lecturer who died in […]

2 John 10: Should We Talk to Cultists in Our Home?

2 JOHN 10- An Introduction 2 John 10 says that “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting.” Does this mean we should not talk to cultists in our homes? 2 JOHN 10- Home or Church? 2 John […]

How Do I Witness to Someone Involved in a Cult?

WITNESSING TO CULTS- Introduction Cults, is there an effective way of sharing Christ with cultists? What are some do’s and don’ts on witnessing to the cults? WITNESSING TO CULTS- No Canned Approaches In dealing with cult members, we need to be aware that there’s no “canned” approach to witnessing which applies to any and all […]

Are Members of a Cult Movement Lost?

Many Christians have little difficulty in accepting the fact that anyone outrightly rejecting Christ is lost. But what about the cultists who appear to be sincerely seeking after Christ — are they lost too? When dealing with sincere cultists, we must realize that we are dealing with people who presumably give more than lip service […]

What Are Common Characteristics of Cults?

CHARACTERISTICS OF CULTS- Introduction One of the most devastating experiences someone could face is to have a loved one involved in a cult. What are some ways we can know that a certain group is in fact a cult? The devil always hides behind a mask; and he seldom carries an ID card. If this […]

Que Es Una Secta?

Con un número tan extenso de grupos religiosos hoy en día, es necesario saber la diferencia entre un grupo religioso legítimo y una secta. Pero ¿qué exactamente es una secta? Hay dos maneras de definir una secta. La primera manera de describirla es muy popular con los reporteros seculares. En este punto de vista, una […]

What Is a Religious Cult?

WHAT IS A CULT?- Introduction With such an overwhelming number of religious groups around these days, it is necessary to understand the difference between a legitimate religious group and a cult. What exactly is a cult? WHAT IS A CULT- Definitions There are two ways to define a cult. The first way to describe a […]