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Memorable Keys to the F-A-R-C-E of Evolution


Hank Hanegraaff wrote his book The FACE that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution to refute the central claim of Darwin’s theory of evolution that all life is the product not of design but of random, undirected, and purposeless natural processes. Using the memorable acronym F-A-C-E, he explained in detail how Fossil Follies, Ape-men, Chance, and […]

Five Books of John


Product Detail: Author: Author: The Word of Promise Audio Bible Narrated by: Various Format: 4 Audio CDs Audience: General. Dramatic Audio Theater Most of us are familiar with the five books of Moses. In them Moses interlaced a historical narrative replete with both symbolism and repetitive poetic structure to set the foundation for the rest […]

Christianity In Crisis: 21st Century Personalized Leather Bound Edition


For your donation of $100 or more to the ongoing work of the Christian Research Institute, Hank will personalize to you, a family member, or friend, a very limited leather-bound hardcover edition of Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century. To ensure delivery in time for Christmas, reserve your copy by Friday, December 20. To give your […]


DVD Running Time: 64 Minutes Throughout history, butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and schoolchildren with their profound mystery and beauty. In Metamorphosis you will explore their remarkable world as few ever have before. Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open once hidden doors to every stage of a butterfly’s life-cycle. From […]

With God On Our Side DVD


Narrated by: Christopher Harrell Label: Rooftop Productions Edition: Christian Research Institute Format: DVD Running Time: 82 minutes With God On Our Side looks at the theology of Christian Zionism, which teaches that Jews are God’s chosen people, and have a divine right to the land of Israel. Aspects of this belief lead some Christians in […]