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The Burial of Jesus: Was Jesus Buried in a Tomb?

THE BURIAL OF JESUS- Introduction The Gospels report that Jesus was buried in a rock tomb and He was buried by Joseph of Arimathea. They go on to say that he rose from the dead and that he ascended into heaven. Skeptics, faced with these accounts, often respond by saying that Jesus could never have […]

Jesus of Nazareth: The Historicity of Jesus of Nazareth

JESUS OF NAZARETH- Introduction Skeptics! They never cease to amaze me! They have no problem believing that Plato, Aristotle, and Caesar existed, but somehow or other they have the temerity to claim the Jesus Christ of Nazareth never existed. JESUS OF NAZARETH- Jesus the Historical Figure It needs to be clearly understood that Jesus Christ […]

The Deity of Christ

THE DEITY OF CHRIST- Introduction Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.” Did he mean one in purpose or is Jesus literally claiming to be God. And if He is, are there legitimate reasons to accept this claim? THE DEITY OF CHRIST- Evidence The New Testament records Jesus Christ’s direct claims to deity. In […]

The Kenosis of Christ: Fully God AND Fully Man?

KENOSIS OF CHRIST- Introduction It’s popular today to say that Jesus in the Incarnation was fully man, but certainly not fully God. In discussing the doctrine of the Incarnation (God the Son in human flesh), Philippians 2:7 says that Jesus “emptied himself.” Does this mean that Jesus was not 100 percent God as well as […]

Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Part 5: The Conduct of God

We’ve seen how Jesus revealed Himself to be God by His verbal claims. Let’s now look at His actions, which clearly prove that He truly was who He claimed to be. Though Jesus spoke with the authority of God, His actions hammered home this truth with even greater impact. Turning to John chapter five, we […]

Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Part 4: God’s Old Testament Names, Titles, and Images

Besides using the titles the Son of Man and the Son of God, Jesus applied to Himself in a unique way the names and images referring exclusively to God. How does Jesus’ special usage relate to His claim to deity? In the ancient times, a name had a great significance and was deemed “virtually equivalent […]

Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Part 3: The Son of Man & The Son of God

THE SON OF MAN- Introduction In the last two Perspectives, we examined the question of whether or not Jesus said He was God. Is there hard evidence proving that Jesus claimed to be God? THE SON OF MAN- Origin of the Title Looking at the Bible, we find that Jesus referred to Himself as the […]

Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Part 2: The Question Clarified

DID JESUS CLAIM TO BE GOD- Introduction In our last CRI Perspective, we talked about the importance of determining whether or not Jesus Christ in fact claimed to be God. Someone may ask, can’t someone just cite a passage in the Bible where Jesus declared “I am God,” thereby resolving this whole issue one way […]

Is Jesus God? Did Jesus Claim to be God (Part 1)

IS JESUS REALLY GOD- Introduction The Church rests upon the person and work of a man called Jesus who is worshiped by untold millions throughout the world. Yet, controversy follows this man even today. What is the dispute surrounding Jesus Christ all about?  How critical an issue is it? IS JESUS REALLY GOD- Who was […]

The Incarnation of Jesus Christ

THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST- Introduction Christians frequently speak about the doctrine of the Incarnation. Well what does this doctrine refer to, and why do Christians consider it so incredibly important? THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST- What is the Incarnation? The term incarnation is of Latin origin, and it means “becoming in flesh.” While the word incarnation […]