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Mormonism and the Quest for Truth

Summary The Mormon concept of, and approach to, the subject of truth is radically different from that of the Bible in at least nine ways. A Mormon sees truth as (1) constantly changing, (2) as going, in culture and practice, far beyond written doctrine, (3) as determined by subjective feelings, and (4) as often divorced […]

Philosophical Problems with the Mormon Concept of God

Most Christians who critique the Mormon view of God do so from a strictly biblical perspective. Christian apologists have correctly pointed out that Mormon theology conflicts with biblical doctrine in a number of important areas, including the nature of God, the plan of salvation, and the nature of man.1 Although the biblical approach should be […]

The Mormon Doctrine of Salvation for the Dead

Summary The Mormon church cites 1 Peter 3:18-20, 4:6, and 1 Corinthians 15:29 as biblical evidence, respectively, for its elaborate doctrine of salvation for the dead and the related practice of vicarious baptism for the dead. Careful study, however, shows that 1 Peter does not teach that Jesus descended into the spirit world to offer […]

Hofmann Pleads Guilty to Mormon Murders

In a plea bargain agreement, Mark W. Hofmann confessed to the murders of two peo­ple, and the forging of two documents, including the con­troversial “salamander letter” (see FORWARD, Winter 1986). As a result he was sentenced to a five-year to life prison term, and is currently serving time in the Utah State Prison. Hofmann, a […]

Marching Toward Respectability

After 97 days of walking, riding, pushing handcarts and pulling wagons over more than 1,100 miles, the survivors came to the end of the trail…,” reports Kathy Stickel in the 23 July 1997 Los Angeles Times. Stickel was a participant in the 150th anniversary retracing of the Mormon Trail, and a descendant of some of […]

My Family Came Across the Plains with Brigham Young

I would like to thank CRI for all their wonderful work in bringing truth into my everyday walk with Christ, our Lord. I love and enjoy attending your Bible Class and listening to the Bible Answer Man and CRI Perspective when­ever possible. We Christians are so blessed to have such great anointed teach­ing at our […]

Mormon Proof-Texts from the Bible

EZEKIEL 37:15-17 Mormonism teaches to investigators and followers alike that the correct interpretation of this passage is that, the sticks are really scrolls, the ‘stick of Judah’ is the Bible, the ‘stick of Joseph’ is the Book of Mormon, the joining of these sticks mean the joining of the two writings, the Bible and the […]

The Book of Mormon Vs The Bible

“. . .If we compare the historical, prophetical, and doctrinal parts of the Book of Mormon with the great truths of science and nature, we find no contradictions–no absurdities–nothing unreasonable.” Talmage’s Articles of Faith, page 505 1. Compare I Nephi 1:2 with Nehemiah 13: 23-27. The Egyptian language was a very corrupt language from idol […]

Family Entertainment Network Moves to Dispel Controversy over New Testament Videos

The producers of a popu­lar series of New Testa­ment videos for children are hoping that speculation and controversy over their product’s Mormon connec­tions will soon be put to rest. The set of twelve videos, called “Animated Stories from the New Testament,” has been praised for its high quality ani­mation, appealing musical score, and engaging render­ings […]

The Reorganized Latter Day Saints

THE REORGANIZED LATTER-DAY SAINTS- Introduction Mormons refer to themselves as Latter-day Saints. But what exactly is the difference between them and the Reorganized Latter-day Saints? THE REORGANIZED LATTER-DAY SAINTS- Different from Mormons? Both the Utah Latter-day Saints (or Mormons) and the Reorganized Latter-day Saints claim to be legitimate successors of the organization founded by Joseph […]