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The Plan: Is the New Age Movement a Conspiracy?

A NEW AGE CONSPIRACY?- Introduction Some Christians believe the New Age movement has a conspiratorial agenda in which the world will be overtaken by means of a ruler who will actually be the Antichrist. But is the New Age movement really a conspiracy? A NEW AGE CONSPIRACY?- A Network There is no doubt that the […]

Pantheism and the New Age View on God

THE NEW AGE GOD- Introduction New Agers believe in God. In fact, they believe that everyone and everything is God. So, how many Gods do New Agers believe exist? Just one. THE NEW AGE GOD- The Christian View To Christians, God is a personal being who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good. Furthermore, Scripture consistently draws […]

Channeling- A New Slant on Spiritism

PYSCHIC CHANNELING- Introduction “Channeling” is a popular New Age practice. What’s it all about, and does the Bible have anything to say about it? The CRI Perspective in a moment. PYSCHIC CHANNELING- Spiritism with a Twist Despite all the fanfare, channeling is essentially nothing more than spiritism with a new twist: Whereas spiritism employed human […]

New Age Spirituality: How Can We Identify a New Age Seminar?

THE NEW AGE SEMINAR- Introduction Many businesses today regularly hire private consultants who conduct seminars and workshops designed to help boost personnel productivity and improve management performance. Given their overwhelming numbers, how can we know if a seminar has a New Age orientation? THE NEW AGE SEMINAR- The Human Potential Movement No doubt, the New […]

La Nueva Era: La Salud Holistica y El Cristiano

La salud holística ha ganado aceptación pública gradualmente.  Exactamente ¿de qué se trata y cuales son las razones por las cuales los cristianos deben mantenerse lejos de esta práctica?El movimiento de la salud holística abarca una clase diversa de enfoques alternativos a la salud pública. Los defensores del Movimiento lo ven como un antídoto a […]

Holistic Health Care: Holistic Health and the Christian

HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE- Introduction Holistic health has steadily gained public acceptance. What exactly is it all about, and are there any reasons why Christians should steer clear from it? HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE- Diverse Range of Approaches The holistic health movement encompasses a diverse range of alternative approaches to health care. Advocates of the movement view […]

La Reencarnacion: ¿Puede Ser Reconciliada con la Biblia?

Haber vivido antes.  Gracias a personas famosas como Walter Mercado y Shirley MacLaine, la reencarnación se ha convertido en una palabra común y corriente.  Además de esto, ellos son parte de aquellos que afirmPocas personas hoy en día se sorprenden cuando oyen a alguien alegar an que aún la Biblia apoya la reencarnación.  Pero, ¿qué […]

Reincarnation and the Bible: Can they be reconciled?

REINCARNATION AND THE BIBLE- Introduction Few people today are surprised when they hear someone claiming to have lived before. Thanks to celebrities like Shirley MacLaine, reincarnation has become a household word. Additionally, she numbers among those who maintain that even the Bible espouses reincarnation. But just how accurate is that assertion? REINCARNATION AND THE BIBLE- […]

Common Marks of New Age Spirituality

NEW AGE SPIRITUALITY- Introduction Are rainbows, unicorns, and crystals sure marks of New Age involvement? How can we accurately identify New Agers? NEW AGE SPIRITUALITY- Identifying Marks We know that not everyone wearing a cross qualifies as a Christian. Similarly, not everyone who sports rainbow and unicorn decals, or owns crystals, is necessarily a New […]

The New Age Christ: What is the New Age view of Jesus?

THE NEW AGE CHRIST- Introduction New Agers freely mention Jesus in their literature and discussions. But are they talking about the Jesus of the Bible? The CRI Perspective in a moment.To Christians, Jesus is synonymous with Christ. Thus, we refer to God the Son equally as Jesus or Christ. Trivial as this may seem to […]