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Christian Rock Music: Is Rock Music of the Devil?

THE CHRISTIAN AND ROCK MUSIC- Introduction Rock music — does it play to the beat of demons? Is it of the Devil? THE CHRISTIAN AND ROCK MUSIC- Who Is Right? All is not well in the world of rock and roll. Many of today’s biggest rock stars promote violence, drug abuse, sexual immorality, and occultism […]

Satanism and Witchcraft: Is Satanism the Same as Witchcraft?

SATANISM AND WITCHCRAFT- Introduction We sometimes see witchcraft grouped together with Satanism. But are they really the same? The CRI Perspective in a moment. SATANISM AND WITCHCRAFT- The Similarities People put witches in the same camp as Satanists for two main reasons. First, both witchcraft and Satanism have a number of symbols in common — […]

UFO’s: What are UFOs?

WHAT ARE UFOS- Introduction Are flying saucers and little green men merely the products of imaginative writers working to create bestsellers and hit films? Or is there something more to UFOs? WHAT ARE UFOS- The General Belief A recent Gallup poll determined that by 1987 half of all Americans believed in the existence of UFOs. […]

Divination: What Is Wrong with Astrology?

DIVINATION AND ASTROLOGY- Introduction Horoscopes can be found just about everywhere, including newspapers, magazines, and call-in numbers. Is all of this just a harmless game, or is there something more to astrology? DIVINATION AND ASTROLOGY- The Appeal of Astrology Astrology’s big appeal lies in its promise to supply answers for both the “big” and “little” […]

Freemasonry: Is Freemasonry Occultic?

THE MASONIC LODGE- Introduction Mysterious symbols. Secret rites. Hidden teachings. Is this an accurate portrayal of what Freemasonry is all about? Is Masonry really occultic? THE MASONIC LODGE- Freemasonry at a Glance With close to 34,000 lodges around the globe and a membership numbering upwards of 6 million, it is obvious why the Encyclopedia Britannica […]

The Devil Made Me Do It: Can a Christian be demon-possessed?

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT- Introduction “The devil made me do it!” so the saying goes. But how applicable is this to Christians? Can Christians really be demon possessed? THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT- Deliverance Ministries The increased public awareness of satanic activities has sparked a renewed interest on the issue of demonic […]

The Occultist: Witnessing to the Occultist

THE OCCULTIST- Introduction Just exactly how does a person go about witnessing to someone involved in occultic and pagan practices? THE OCCULTIST- Be in Constant Prayer When reaching out to those in the occult, remember to be in constant prayer. The apostle Paul, in Ephesians 6, exhorts us to put on the whole armor of […]

The Occult: What is the difference between the words “Cult” and “Occult”?

CULT AND OCCULT- Introduction The words “cult” and “occult” are popular terms that should not be confused with one another. So, what is the difference between them? CULT AND OCCULT- Cult The term “cult” is typically used by the secular media to describe religious or semi-religious groups whose members are controlled in almost every single […]