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Breaking The Silence: Chapter Summaries

  CHAPTER SUMMARIES  Introduction:  Why This Book?  Over the past thirteen years the integrity of the Christian Research Institute (CRI) and its president, Hank Hanegraaff, have been subjected to sustained Internet, media, and word-of-mouth attacks that have largely become the mission of one man: William M. “Bill” Alnor. While Alnor has not been successful at […]

Breaking The Silence: Why This Book?

INTRODUCTION: WHY THIS BOOK?  As I’ve done different searches on the Internet, one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many people seem to think it is their God-given duty to set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner of those doing public work throughout the body of Christ and presuming they have […]

Breaking The Silence: The Vision of CRI

Chapter One: The Vision of CRI  Before I discuss Bill Alnor and his allegations I think it’s important to appreciate fully just what it is he has been persistently opposing, hindering, and attempting to destroy. The Christian Research Institute was founded by Dr. Walter Martin in New Jersey in 1960. Walter was a pioneer in […]

Breaking The Silence: The Fruit of CRI

Chapter Two: The Fruit of CRI  Prior to CRI, apologetics was almost the Christian church’s best-kept secret. It was largely cloistered in our seminaries and hidden from the view of lay Christians and the unbelieving population at large, where it was needed the most. For almost half a century, CRI has been at the forefront […]

Breaking The Silence: Alnor as News Editor

Chapter Three: Alnor as News Editor In 1985 we transformed the Forward newsletter into a full-fledged, subscription-based, quarterly magazine. It was my goal that we would have a viable news department in the magazine that would keep our readers informed on significant developments in the worlds of the cults, the occult, and Christian apologetics. To […]

Breaking The Silence: Alnor as Director of EMNR

Chapter Four: Alnor as Director of EMNR   Alnor put a lot of his energy into redeveloping his old ministry, Eastern Christian Outreach (EChO) and its publication, The Christian Sentinel. From that platform he continued to report on Set Free, TBN, and other topics. He was having books published, teaching journalism at Temple University (and later […]

Breaking The Silence: Alnor as Relentless Opponent of CRI

Chapter Five: Alnor as Relentless Opponent of CRI  By early 1996 Alnor’s continued inability to refrain from the very kind of divisiveness EMNR was created to overcome, as well as his abuse of EMNR funds (see chapter seven), pushed the board over the edge and his position as executive director was terminated. No longer constrained […]

Breaking The Silence: Mail Fraud?

Chapter Six: Mail Fraud?   Over the past twelve years Alnor has remained the most active and key player (recruiting, nurturing, and aiding other players) in keeping the CRI controversy alive, alleging again and again in numerous forums that Hank has abused funds and been guilty of plagiarism and mail fraud.[1] For the remainder of this […]

Breaking The Silence: Abuse of Funds?

Chapter Seven: Abuse of Funds?  In his “Statement on CRI” on his Christian Sentinel Web site, Bill Alnor writes, “Despite much good work done by the Christian Research Institute over the years, and the fact that CRI’s Bible Answer Man broadcast and the CRI Journal (and related publications) have helped many people, we are sad […]

Breaking The Silence: Plagiarism?

Chapter Eight: Plagiarism?  In an August 2004 editorial in the Christian Sentinel, Bill Alnor wrote: The evidence is overwhelming: Christian Research Institute (CRI) President Hank Hanegraaff has engaged in serious instances of repeat plagiarism. In examining these allegations of plagiarism in connection with my doctoral dissertation project, I have prepared this brief summary of these […]