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Is Christmas Myth?

Americans have traditionally been advocates of fair play. There is a sense of outrage when one learns that a race has been fixed, a ball game has been deliberately lost, or someone has used marked cards or loaded dice in a game. We want people to be treated fairly and honestly apart from issues of […]

Christ in Christmas

Christmas — bright lights, glittery trees, children’s squeals of excitement, church chimes in frosty air, the press of shoppers — memories of Christmas. Oh, yes, almost forgotten — in a scratched, wobbly, wooden manger on a church’s front lawn, there’s a baby doll, plastic fingers upraised in frozen appeal, alone in the night. Christmas has […]

Is Christmas Pagan?

As a young Roman Catholic, Christmas was my favorite time of year — filled with magic and meaning. The birth of Christ played a role in this festal feeling, but so did Santa Claus and all the more temporal pleasures of the season. As I grew older, I not only lost faith in Santa Claus […]

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas- An Introduction Should Christians celebrate Christmas? A number of unorthodox new religions which profess to follow Christ insist that Christmas is a pagan festival to be shunned by all true Christians. Probably the most notable of these religions is the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who publish stinging attacks on the celebration of Christmas […]

The Meaning of Christmas: What IS the Real Meaning of Christmas?

THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS- Introduction People often talk about the “spirit of Christmas” and discovering its “true meaning.” Just what is the true meaning of Christmas? THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS- “Good Will Toward Men” In our secularized culture, non-Christians have reinterpreted the “true meaning of Christmas” to be “good will toward men.” By that expression […]

Christmas Presents: Should Christians Give Christmas Presents?

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS- Introduction Gift-giving at Christmas is a tradition steeped now in crass commercialism. Should Christians participate in the exchanging of Christmas presents? CHRISTMAS PRESENTS- Origins The giving of gifts at Christmas is a custom which developed in imitation of the wise men, or Magi, who gave gifts to Christ [Matt. 2:11]. It is sometimes […]

Are Christmas Trees Idolatrous?

ARE CHRISTMAS TREES IDOLATROUS?- Introduction An argument against Christmas which you hear quite a bit these days is that Christmas trees are condemned in the Bible. Is this really true? ARE CHRISTMAS TREES IDOLATROUS?- Christmas Trees in Jeremiah? Sometimes it is said that Christmas trees are condemned in Jeremiah 10, verses 2 – 4, where […]

Saint Nicholas: Can Santa Claus Be Saved?

SANTA CLAUS- INTRODUCTION Perhaps the thing about Christmas that bothers Christians more than anything else is Santa Claus. Is Santa a hopelessly pagan idea, or can Santa Claus be saved? SANTA CLAUS- A Nonessential Santa Claus is not essential or even very important to Christmas. I mean you can take Santa out of Christmas and […]

The Christian and Christmas: Is Christmas a Christian Holiday?

THE CHRISTIAN AND CHRISTMAS- INTRODUCTION Santa Claus. Christmas trees. Exchanging gifts with people you really don’t care about or even know. Office parties which involve drinking and immorality. Is Christmas really Christian or pagan? THE CHRISTIAN AND CHRISTMAS- Pagan Myths and Practices The best arguments against Christmas are the pagan myths and practices that have […]