Volume 40:Issue 3 

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04 From the Editor
Optimal according to Whom? The Flawed Theology of Darwin and His Disciples

08 Effective Evangelism
Answering the Objection, “All Religion Is Manmade”

06 Practical Hermeneutics
Does God Have a Spirit Body?

10 Sunni-Shia Split
by Hank Hanegraaff
Today’s Religious Movements: The split between the two major branches of Islam — Sunni and Shi’a — stems from the homicide of Muhammad. Shi’as contend Muhammad’s young wife Aisha committed the murder, while Sunnis believe a Jewish woman was ultimately responsible. Despite perpetual dispute, Sunni and Shi’a share remarkable unanimity when it comes to the main and the plain things of Islam.

16 Is the Black Man God? Challenging the Central Claim of the Nation of Islam
by Jimmy Butts
New Religious Movements: During the mid-twentieth century, African Americans who concluded that Christianity is the “white man’s religion” often embraced the black supremacist cult Nation of Islam (NOI). Although NOI’s numbers have since declined, it retains some influence. To attract more educated followers, NOI scholar Wesley Muhammad has formulated new arguments to legitimize NOI’s view of God. How do we respond?

24The Human Embryo: Potential Person or Person with Great Potential?
by Clinton Wilcox
Ethical Apologetics: A heap of metal is a potential car built piece by piece from outside itself. But the human embryo becomes an adult by virtue of being human with a human nature that directs her development. Thus, the embryo is the same entity she will become as an adult — always a person with potential.

34 When Freedom of Expression and Emotions Collide on Campus
by Jay Watts
Cultural Discernment (Viewpoint): A battle over free speech rages over the newsfeeds of online media, with both sides seeking to establish competing narratives. Are our universities dominated by a privileged class that forces vulnerable minorities to study in a hostile environment, or is the real problem that oversensitive students are not learning to live with dissenting opinions in an academic environment?

44Near Darwin’s Portrait in the Biology Building, Whispers about the Creator: Deceived by a False Image?
by Paul A. Nelson
Scientific Discernment and Apologetics: Naturalists typically claim that all the religious content in the origins debate is located on the side of “creationism.” But evolution as a worldview — and as a scientific theory, for that matter — was from its inception deeply entangled with theology and it has yet to extricate itself from its grip.

50 In Search of the Sacred: Evangelicals on a Quest and Why It Matters
by Arthur W. Hunt III
Theological and Cultural Discernment (Viewpoint): Since the beginning of Christianity and for more than a thousand years, there was a common conviction that all matter — all nature — is mysteriously and metaphysically anchored in God. A growing number of Christian scholars are now calling for the retrieval of a hardy sacramental ontology for the church and its witness to the world.

56 Reviews
 A Summary Critique:Elicka Peterson Sparks’s The Devil You Know: The Surprising Link between Conservative Christianity and CrimeLisa Wade’s American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus

60 Postmodern Realities
Understanding Our Response to LGBT Culture

62 Ask Hank
How Should Christians Think about Global Warming?