Muslim persecution of Christians


“There is one urgent reason that the West in its entirety—Christians and non-Christians, liberals and conservatives, deists and atheists—should take note of and respond to Muslim persecution of Christians: it is a reflection of what Islam has in store for them.

—Raymond Ibrahim, in Crucified Again:
Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians

For American Christians who have uncritically embraced the narrative that Islam is a “religion of peace,” they may want to consult reality. And having done so, they may then want to rise and vehemently protest the continuing persecution and murder of thousands of Christians globally at the hands of Muslim supremacists.

Yes, Hank! Enough is enough! I agree that it’s time for us to stand and raise our voices against the onslaught of politically correct distortions and deceptions that are threatening the freedoms and lives of Christians.

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