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“I have made a covenant with God that he sends me neither visions, dreams, nor even angels. I am well-satisfied with the gift of the Holy Scriptures, which give me abundant instruction and all that I need to know for this life and for that which is to come.” – Martin Luther

THE WORD OF GOD, a brilliantly recorded audio version of New Testament voiced by internationally renowned actors.

Has God Spoken? Memorable Proofs of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration (I understand you will autograph my copy).

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over? Issue 39.06 Of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL.

Yes, Hank! When it comes to the battles raging around us, it’s not just where we stand on different issues but what we stand on. Know that I’m standing with CRI as together we stand on God’s Word as a sure and certain foundation in the battles for life and truth. As thanks for my gift this month to support CRI’s outreaches, please send me the equipping resource(s) I’ve selected below.

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