Online Exclusive Articles for Subscribers Only

Q: Some articles are locked and say “Join now to access this Journal subscriber only content”, how do I access them?

A: Locked articles are online exclusive content that is only available to subscribers.*

There are three subscription options to access our online exclusive content.

1. Subscribe ($33.50) to the print edition of the Christian Research Journal which includes all online exclusive content.

2. Pay a monthly fee ($4.99) for Christian Research Journal online exclusive content. This does not include online versions of current print edition articles or receiving the print issues.

3. Pay an annual  fee ($24.99) for Christian Research Journal online exclusive content. This does not include online versions of current print edition articles or receiving the print issues.

For more information and to subscribe please click here.

Q: I’m a current Journal subscriber but don’t have access to log in how do I get access?

A: If you are current Journal subscriber, you should have received an email to the address we have on file for instructions to create an account at our website, please check you junk mail folder. Access to locked articles is only available via an account with email and password on our website If you currently have a username and password set up, you should be able to log in and follow the instructions below to view the articles. If you’ve never logged into our site, please enter the email that we have on file for you by clicking here and doing a password reset.

***Please note the email address we have on your customer file may be different than the email address we send the Week in Review, Podcast Review, or Daily E-truths emails to. If you attempt to log in with an email and it doesn’t work please contact [email protected] with your name, address, and what email you would like to use.***

Once logged in you can go to the articles section and articles that are “locked” to the public, you should be able to view and access.  Articles that have early access will also be in your My AccountMembership section, under viewing Early Access.  If you encounter any problems or have questions, please email [email protected].

Q: How soon do I get access after subscribing online or in the mail?

A:  If you sign up online with a credit card you should receive an email within the hour on how to set up an account and access the article. (Also described above). If you made a new subscription or renewed via mail and check this process is not auto-generated, and it requires some additional steps by our Customer Service and Web departments. Please allow a minimum of 3 to 5 business working days for your account to be activated from when the check is received and processed in our systems.

Q: Why are some of articles locked? Why do I have to subscribe to the magazine read them?

A: Those that subscribe to the Journal receive additional perks and benefits only available to subscribers. However, currently there are more than 1,500 articles that are free and accessible to the public. Our website does not have a paywall. In addition, other free content on includes daily and archived Bible Answer Man shows, new and archived Hank Unplugged and Postmodern Realities Podcasts, hundreds of videos, and written Answers to many Bible and Creation Questions.

Q: I’m currently a subscriber. In addition to my paid subscription, how can I further support the work of the print and online exclusive JOURNAL content?

A: Thank you for your additional support. One way is to give a gift subscription to a friend, family member, or your pastor (click the “This is a gift.” box and follow the prompts.)  We also have a Journal Tipping Program that helps with budget for online content (articles and the Postmodern Realities podcast). Please click here.

*Note online-exclusives are eventually made available to the public at regular intervals but to gain access to read it when it’s originally posted subscribing is the best option.*