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    “Confusion about whether any particular religion is true has become a virtue. Clarity about the differences in religion — and that they can’t all be right — has become a vice.”

    —from Saving Truth: Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post-Truth World,
    by Abdu Murray

    Dear Hank: In today’s “Culture of Confusion,” it’s increasingly true: virtue has become vice, and vice virtue. And because error advances only as truth retreats, we must make a stand. Please use my gift today to continue standing firm for truth like a rock! Please send me the resource I’ve selected below:

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    “Like many other people of faith, you may be wondering what the future holds for Christians in America. Every day feels like a political battle, and traditional values seem to be losing their ground. Even the basic freedoms that define America — speech and religion — seem to be under attack. What can Christians do today to protect church and country? ”

    —from A Call for Courage,
    by Michael Anthony

    Dear Hank: Every day does indeed feel like a battle, and we must defend our freedoms. Here is my special gift to help secure CRI’s vital outreaches and continue equipping believers to protect the basic freedoms that have long defined us. Please send me the resources I’ve selected below: