June 2019 Fiscal Year End Gift

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It’s vital that we finish June — the end of our fiscal year — in a position of strength. Every gift matters regardless of size.

Please donate below to help CRI finish strong and undergird our “24/7” outreaches that are touching and transforming so many lives.

Thank you, and God bless you for the vital difference your support makes in equipping fellow believers to courageously stand for life and truth!

The “fruit” of your support is seen in just a handful of testimonies listed in the description below.

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Your partnership matters!

Your partnership touches thousands of lives daily. Here are just a few whose lives have been touched and equipped through your support…

Bible Answer Man Broadcast

“The Bible Answer Man broadcast was paramount in my coming to know Christ and understanding the gospel almost twenty years ago. Since then, as I continued to listen to the Bible Answer Man broadcast, I have learned the art and science of biblical interpretation by using Scripture to interpret other Scripture, while learning how to recognize form and genre. Nowhere else have I ever heard any pastor, or teacher, really make this point so clear, and then teach it properly.” – G. B.

“CRI is my trusted go-to source for info on Christian truth! They are doctrinally sound and do the research needed to discover the truth. I recommend their website to seekers and believers alike — they’re the ‘real deal.’” – Dr. Geoffrey P. Lantos

Restoring faith

“Hank, you entered my life at a very pivotal time — sent by God, I’m sure, after the loss of a child, a troubled marriage, and breast cancer. Your insights and teaching have been extremely valuable in helping me find my way back to Christ, back to my Heavenly Father. I think God for you daily as I listen with the wonderment of a child to your show.” – T. W.

“God bless you, Hank. You’re one of the reasons I found my way back to Jesus.” – R. M.

Delivering from error

“Hank: I am forever indebted to you for steering me away from the Word of Faith movement.” – E.H.R.

“Best teaching. This ministry saved me from taking a wrong path.” – G. B.

Hank Unplugged

“Hank’s teaching and books have significantly shaped my journey with Christ. His Hank Unplugged podcasts are some of the best out there and I recommend them to everyone I meet.” – T. D.

“Wow! I loved this episode so much! Talk about having your paradigm shifted; this is what has happened for me after this chat!!” – A. M.

Christian Research Journal

“The best Christian magazine I’ve read!!! Been reading the magazine since 1991 and I love it!!” – J.C.R.

“There is no magazine more scholarly, relevant, articulate and practical!” – A. P.