Body & Soul: Human Nature & the Crisis in Ethics

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Author: J. P. Moreland, Scott Rae
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Topic: Ethics

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While most people throughout history have believed that we are both physical and spiritual beings, the rise of science has called the existence of the soul into question. Even many Christian intellectuals have come to view the soul as a false Greek concept that is outdated and unbiblical. Concurrent with the demise of dualism has been the rise of advanced medical technologies that have brought to the fore difficult issues at both edges of life. Central to questions about abortion, fetal research, reproductive technologies, cloning and euthanasia is our understanding of the nature of human person hood, the reality of life after death, and the value of ethical or religious knowledge as compared to scientific knowledge. In this careful treatment, J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae argue that the rise of these problems alongside the demise of Christian dualism is no coincidence.

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