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“Once Russian society adopted Stalin’s ideology, it destroyed more lives than Nazi fascism. Mao Tse-tung’s Marxist ideology in China also grew out of the post-Christian German academics. The unthinkable genocides and injustices of the last century, the industrial-scale killings and starvations – all have been the work of ideologies. Ideas, embraced by millions on people, lead dramatically to death or to life.”

—from Hope of Nations,
by John S. Dickerson

Dear Hank: We cannot allow a post-truth culture to go uncontested. Its ultimate consequences are simply too hideous to contemplate. Please use my gift to help equip fellow believers to stand against the post-truth madness that is threatening life as well as truth. Please send me the resource I’ve selected below:


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Hope of Nations: Standing Strong in a Post-Truth, Post-Christian World by John S. Dickerson
Hope of Nations shows us how and why the world is changing, where those changes will lead, and what it looks like to live like Christ in today’s society. With fascinating historical and political background, Dickerson helps us understand:

  • The five major forces driving global change in the world today
  • Why violent displays of Islam continue resurfacing
  • The incoming moral, social, and political impact of American millennials
  • Ten ways to respond biblically to trends shaping the world right now
  • How to live with Christian courage and compassion in tumultuous times

Get a larger view of what is happening with your community, your government, and your international neighbors in this thoughtful look at global events in light of your unique Christian calling.


The Great Evangelical Recession: 6 Factors That Will Crash the American Church…and How to Prepare by John S. Dickerson
In 2006, few Americans were expecting the economy to collapse. Today the American church is in a similar position, on the precipice of a great spiritual recession. While we focus on a few large churches and dynamic leaders that are successful, the church’s overall membership is shrinking. Young Christians are fleeing. Our donations are drying up. Political fervor is dividing us. Even as these crises eat at the church internally, our once friendly host culture is quickly turning hostile and antagonistic. How can we avoid a devastating collapse?

In The Great Evangelical Recession, award-winning journalist and pastor John Dickerson identifies six factors that are radically eroding the American church and offers biblical solutions to prepare evangelicals for spiritual success, even in the face of alarming trends. This book is a heartfelt plea and call to the American church combining quality research, genuine hope, and practical application with the purpose of igniting the church toward a better future.

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