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Dear Hank: Individual believers and countless churches urgently need the resurrection power we celebrate this Easter. Please use this special gift to help equip and empower Christians at home and around the globe with “his energy, which so powerfully works in me” (Colossians 1:29).

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Equipping believers to think and live Christianly…

As part of CRI’s ministry to edify and equip Christians to stand firmly and fruitfully for the faith, we regularly screen quality Christian books and DVDs from a wide variety of sources. This screening and evaluation process is a welcome “value-add” for friends and supporters of the ministry, reducing their need to search for sound resources while also insuring that the resources offered are those worthy of CRI’s stamp of approval. We hope you will personally be equipped by this month’s resources, or share them as gifts for family or friends!



“A stirring and powerful defense of the central event in Christianity.” — Lee Strobel, Author of The Case for Christ

“In Resurrection, Hank Hanegraaff has given us a well-informed, interesting, and readable treatment of one of life’s most important issues: What happens to us when we die? This book clears up a number of contemporary confusions about life after death, and it provides sure footing on which to build one’s expectations of life beyond the grave.”— J. P. Moreland, professor of philosophy, TalbotSchool of Theology, Biola University

“Hands down, slam dunk, the resurrection is the bottom-line for the believer. Hank leaves no stone unturned, thoroughly portraying the resurrection as our grand hope, the glorious springboard from which we will dive into eternity.”— Joni Eareckson Tada, author of Holiness in Hidden Places and Heaven…Your Real Home

“Hank Hanegraaff’s keen insights have done much to sharpen mine.” — Max Lucado, author of When Christ Comes

 The Third Day: The Reality of the Resurrection

 Human History — and Your Future — Is Forever Changed by What Happened on the Third Day

Islam and Judaism swear the Resurrection of Jesus Christ never happened. Jehovah’s Witnesses claim Jesus’ physical body was discarded, destroyed, or dissolved into gasses. Jesus Seminar fellows laugh it off as mere wishful thinking. What if they are right? What if Jesus was not raised from the dead? If that’s the case, there is no Christianity…no hope…no future. It all boils down to what happened on the third day.

From the Foreword

“My investigation into the historical truth of the Resurrection would have been considerably easier if Hank Hanegraaff’s concise and compelling book The Third Day had been available to me back then. With laser-beam focus, Hank zeroes in on the most convincing facts that back up Jesus’ death, his empty tomb, his postresurrection appearances, and the subsequent transformation of those who encountered him.” —Lee Strobel, author of The Case for a Creator

Incarnation: The ultimate self-revelation of God

“This, then, is the climax of divine revelation: God with us. The Infinite has progressively revealed Himself in accordance with our finitude. Thus, prior to Immanuel, general and special revelation revealed His glory. But in the Incarnation, ‘We have seen his glory.’” These words are just a brief excerpt from my book Incarnation: The Ultimate Self-Revelation of God. You see, God’s incarnation in human flesh is the apex of revelation, His “last word.” In taking on human flesh, God gives us more than the clearest image of who He is. He gives us Himself.

An excerpt on “fusion” from Hank’s new book, Truth Matters, Life Matters More.

A dramatic turning point in the arc of human history, the Resurrection released a source of divine energy that enabled believers not only to be transformed but also to be transforming.

While there are mysteries here that far surpass even the mind-blowing realities of quantum physics, as Hank says in his new book, Truth Matters, Life Matters More,

“Whatever the reality respecting fusion science, spiritual fusion is the greatest antidote to the cultural captivity of the contemporary church. Were the authentic church to embrace fusion in place of fission she may well experience a second iteration of Pentecost. The sound from heaven. The mighty rushing wind. The baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. The manifestation of the uncreated, inexhaustible energy supply which alone is sufficient to save the world.”

If we look at the anemic witness of many Christians today, and the less-than-awe-inspiring vitality of much of the church in the post-Christian West, we could point to a long list of causes.

But if I were to point to a single reason why the “fusion” fizz has gone flat in countless lives and far too many churches, it’s because we have allowed ourselves to become disconnected from the “uncreated, inexhaustible energy supply” that makes atomic power seem paltry by comparison!

That’s why this Easter season offers us a wonderful time to reconnect to the energy source that fuels our lives and our witness.

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