CRI Resource: Islamic War on Christians

“There is one urgent reason that the West in its entirety—Christians and non-Christians, liberals and conservatives, deists and atheists—should take note of and respond to Muslim persecution of Christians: it is a reflection of what Islam has in store for them.”

—Raymond Ibrahim, in Crucified Again:
Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians

For American Christians who have uncritically embraced the narrative that Islam is a “religion of peace,” they may want to consult reality. And having done so, they may then want to rise and vehemently protest the continuing persecution and murder of thousands of Christians globally at the hands of Muslim supremacists.

Yes, Hank! Enough is enough! I agree that it’s time for us to stand and raise our voices against the onslaught of politically correct distortions and deceptions that are threatening the freedoms and lives of Christians. Please send me the resources I've selected below, in appreciation for my gift to support CRI’s mind-changing and life-changing outreaches:


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Crucified Again:
Forget what the history textbooks told you about martyrdom being a thing of the past. Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered today.

Raymond Ibrahim unveils the shocking truth about Christians in the Muslim world. Believers in Jesus Christ suffer oppression and are massacred at the hands of radicals for worshipping and spreading the gospel of the Lord.

Discover the true-life stories that the media won’t report in Ibrahim’s Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.


The Global War on Christians:
One of the most respected journalists in the United States and the bestselling author of The Future Church uses his unparalleled knowledge of world affairs and religious insight to investigate the troubling worldwide persecution of Christians.

From Iraq and Egypt to Sudan and Nigeria, from Indonesia to the Indian subcontinent, Christians in the early 21st century are the world’s most persecuted religious group. According to the secular International Society for Human Rights, 80 percent of violations of religious freedom in the world today are directed against Christians. In effect, our era is witnessing the rise of a new generation of martyrs. Underlying the global war on Christians is the demographic reality that more than two-thirds of the world’s 2.3 billion Christians now live outside the West, often as a beleaguered minority up against a hostile majority– whether it’s Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia, Hindu radicalism in India, or state-imposed atheism in China and North Korea. In Europe and North America, Christians face political and legal challenges to religious freedom. Allen exposes the deadly threats and offers investigative insight into what is and can be done to stop these atrocities.


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