CRJournal LGBTQ Issues Package

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This package contains the following issues of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL, with the following articles:

·    J113-Homosexuality, Teens, and Bullying

    • The Bully Pulpit: When Gay Teens Commit Suicide, Are Preachers to Blame?
      by Joe Dallas
      Ethical Apologetics: The recent tragic rash of suicides among homosexual teens, who had been bullied by classmates and peers, has raised the question of whether Christian teaching about homosexuality inspires bullying and violence against homosexuals. These accusations do not stand up under scrutiny, but it’s also essential that we examine ourselves and our rhetoric.


·    J125-Should Christians Attend Same Sex Weddings

    • Pro-Con: Should Christians Attend Same-Sex Weddings?
      by Michael F. Ross and Joe Dallas
      Ethical Discernment: Should Christians accept invitations to same-sex weddings? Would saying yes signal endorsement? Would saying no signal a lack of commitment to the loved one? There are no easy answers and so we have enlisted proponents of both options to facilitate the process of thinking it through. A feature-length Viewpoint.


·    J155- Evaluating the Star Wars Worldview

    • Responding to Pro-Gay Revisionist Talking Points
      by Sean McDowell
      Ethical Discernment/Biblical Apologetics: The Reformation Project is dedicated to reforming the church’s traditional views on homosexuality by training an army of church members to rebut biblical arguments against homosexuality and to use ten “Talking Points” to persuade traditionalists to adopt the revisionist position. Sean McDowell examines five of the more critical talking points..


·    J163 Of Bathroom Bills and Basic Beliefs

    • Of Bathroom Bills and Basic Beliefs
      by Joe Dallas
      Ethical Discernment: Should people who feel they belong to a particular gender be allowed to use public bathrooms restricted to that gender, even if their birth certificates state they belong to the opposite gender? Through recent legislation, some states are answering yes while others are answering no. Christians must determine how they should respond to this controversy.
    • Is “Gay Christian” an Acceptable Identity?
      by Joe Dallas
      Ethical Discernment: As the culture shifts toward condoning behaviors it once condemned, so does its language. Yet Christians must resist reframing immorality in positive terms. Just as all Christians struggle against cravings for what they know to be wrong and must move past binding their identity to those sinful desires, believers who experience same-sex attraction must carefully define the role such attraction plays in their self-identification.