The Gospel and the New Spirituality

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Since the 1960’s, the “Age of Aquarius” has been steadily transforming itself into a cosmopolitan spirituality for the twenty-first century. It is the New Spirituality — what Charles Strohmer describes as a mix of Eastern religions, paganism, New Ageism, self-help and pop psychologies, the occult, and “a dash of Western optimism.” It’s a world he was a part of for eight years before finding the Truth of Jesus Christ.
Unfortunately, when talking to these spiritual seekers, Christians are often either offensive or ineffective. In  The Gospel and the New Spirituality’; Strohmer taps twenty-five years of ideas and true stories, both successes and failures, to show Christians how to communicate and evangelize effectively. He does this by taking readers beyond mere understanding of the New Spirituality’s beliefs and practices. “We must take the next step and discover the intellectual/spiritual dynamics that short-circuit communication. Once we know that, we can solve the communication headaches and build communication bridges.”

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