Intelligent Design Uncensored

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Format Softcover
Number of Pages:175
Authors William A. Dembski and Jonathan Witt

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What is ID? Why is it controversial?

Intelligent design is surrounded by a storm of debate. Proponents and opponents have both sought to have their voices heard above the din.

Is it unscientific? Is it a danger to real Christian faith? Is it trying to smuggle God into the classroom?

Controversy can create confusion rather than clarity. So here to clear things up is Bill Dembski, one of the founders of intelligent design, who joins with Jonathan Witt to answer these questions and more. They plainly lay out just what intelligent design is and is not. They answer objections with straight talk that is down to earth.

You’ll be surprised at how often smart people have misrepresented ID. You might be surprised to see exactly how they respond to what turns out to be misleading arguments.


“A tour de force in which two prodigious intellects apply their remarkable communication skills to the relentless pursuit of truth . . . and a sterling example of open-minded scientific inquiry that allows facts to lead wherever they may. Congratulations to Dembski and Witt for ably dismantling the stereotypical caricature of intelligent design.” (Hank Hanegraaff, author of Fatal Flaws: What Evolutionists Don’t Want You to Know )

“Don’t let its conversational, nontechnical prose fool you; Intelligent Design Uncensored is a first-rate introduction to the intelligent design debate from two writers who know the subject better than just about anyone else. A useful resource for students of all ages!” (Guillermo Gonzalez, astrobiologist and coauthor of The Privileged Planet )

“Who says accurate, cutting-edge science has to be a bore? Dembski and Witt make the biological nuts and bolts come alive and dance. They show that intelligent design is not only true, it’s fun!” (Michael Behe, professor of biochemistry, Lehigh University, and author of Darwin’s Black Box )

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