Into the Depths of God

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249 pages
Author: Calvin Miller
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Paperback Book
Audience: General
Topic: Christian Living

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Into the Depths of God by Calvin Miller gives guidance to Christians who are not satisfied by superficial relationships with God. Miller is a pastor, poet, painter, and theologian who has written more than 30 books (including the bestselling Singer Trilogy). In four main sections, “The Disciplined Life,” “The Listening Life,” “The Informed Life,” and “The Confessional Life,” Miller describes a vision of worship that will help readers escape the tyranny of forces that limit their perception of God, and explore more deeply God’s mysterious presence that always beckons to us. Miller is a lively, entertaining writer who’s not afraid of taking risks to get his points across: “How often the church is like Gilligan’s Island,” begins one argument. The analogy works surprisingly well: “None of [the characters] were going anywhere really. They were just living, and talking about a bigger world. But their conversation never amounted to much and none of them sacrificed themselves…”

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