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When it comes to thinking Christianly and critically about current issues that really matter to our future, the Journal is simply a vital resource. And it’s a gift you can make that keeps on giving!

In case you’ve missed recent issues, here are some highlights from 2021:

  • “Restoring’ the Divine Name in the New World Translation? A Strategy for Dialoging with Jehovah’s Witnesses”
  •  “A Heretic’s Christ, a False Salvation: A Review of Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope for, and Believe
  • “Critical Theory and Abortion as an Act of Oppression”
  • “Is It Time to Change Ministry to LGBTQ People?”
  • “Is the Pope Infallible?”

What’s on deck for the Journal this Spring?

  • The Battle for the Historical Adam and Eve
  • Did Adam and Eve really exist? Were Adam and Eve reconfigured apes? Was Adam created
  • “Lessons Learned (and Not Learned) from the Evangelical Debate over Adam and Eve”
  • “Trusting Jesus in a Universe that Doesn’t Have Your Back”
  • “What Can Eastern Orthodox and Evangelical Christians Learn from Each Other?”
  • “Sexual Identity and the Biblical Philosophy of Gender”
  • “The Age of Opportunity: How the Bible Gives Hope for Aging”

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