Mere Theology: A Guide to the Thought of C.S. Lewis

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266 pages

Author: Will Vaus
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topics: Lewis, C. S. Theology

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What did C. S. Lewis believe about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, heaven, hell, creation, the Fall, the forgiveness of sins, marriage and divorce, war and peace, the church and sacraments, masculinity and femininity? Lewis was not a professional theologian, but anyone who has read his writings–whether fiction or nonfiction, essays or correspondence–knows that profoundly Christian convictions permeate them all. The more one reads, the more it becomes clear that Lewis could write with charity and simplicity while preserving theological accuracy because he was well informed and thoroughly grounded in the Christian faith. Will Vaus has masterfully brought together Lewis’s thought from throughout his voluminous writings to provide us a full-orbed look into his beliefs on twenty-five Christian themes.

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