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When poison is packaged and peddled as medicine, more than just truth in advertising is at stake! That’s why I want to help awaken and alert those who naïvely believe that Islam is a religion of peace.

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Is Islam a peaceful and tolerant religion?

For all the debate over Islam and its growing presence in the world, one thing is often overlooked: Islam is not a religion in the sanitized Western sense. It is, in contrast, an all-encompassing sociopolitical legal matrix that has bred a worldview antagonistic to anything but itself. While there may be millions of peaceful and tolerant Muslims, the religion of Islam itself is hardly peaceful and tolerant.

In the new book, MUSLIM: What You Need to Know about the World’s Fastest Growing Religion, Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute, explores the history and teachings of Islam in accessible and memorable fashion.

Based on years of primary research, this eye-opening book examines the following topics:

  • The true story of the life of Muhammad, detailed by authoritative Islamic sources
  • How Islam—one billion six hundred million strong and growing—is poised to fill the vacuum left by a Western culture in demographic decline
  • The grave specter of Islamic jihadism exacting mass genocide on Christians in the East and ever-multiplying terrorist attacks throughout the West
  • How Islam is the only significant religious system in history with a sociopolitical structure of laws (Sharia) that mandate violence against the infidel (you and I)
  • The unreliable nature of the Qur’an
  • A comparison of Islamic teachings and essential Christian doctrine

We are in a clash of civilizations. Discover what you need to know about the world’s fastest growing religion.


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