The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable and Relevant

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Author: Walter Kaiser Jr.
Pages: 239
Publisher: Intervarsity Press

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Can you trust what you read in the Old Testament?

Are its documents historically reliable?

Are its teachings relevant in the twenty-first century?

These are important questions for all who believe that Christianity is a religion founded on events that took place in space-time history, indeed for all who care about truth and meaning in life.

In this thought-provoking book Walter C. Kaiser Jr. makes the case that the Old Testament documents are both historically reliable and personally and socially relevant. He begins by looking at the origins of the Old Testament books and how well their texts were preserved. Next he explores Old Testament history, giving close attention to the book of Genesis, the patriarchal narratives, and the chronicles of the kings of Judah and Israel. He then surveys the larger questions of the trustworthiness and authority of the various Old Testament genres: historical narrative, wisdom and prophecy. Lastly, Kaiser probes the relevance of the Old Testament for Christian faith today. And in an epilogue he asks–and answers–the question “What is the Old Testament all about?”

Here is a helpful, even essential, book to help you face the challenges of reading and applying the Old Testament in today’s world.

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