On Jesus

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98 pages

Author: Douglas Groothuis
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Jesus Christ

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During the presidential primaries of 1999, candidate George W. Bush was asked to name his favorite philosopher. Bush startled many observers by replying, “Christ, because He changed my heart.” Many pundits wrote off this remark as merely pious posturing for political gain. President Bush affirmed the truth that Jesus changes the lives of those who come to Him in repentant faith (John 10:10), but was Jesus a philosopher and apologist? Some Christians may be reluctant to label Jesus as a philosopher or apologist because they worry that such a reference may demean the Lord of the universe. But contrary to the views of critics, Jesus Christ was a brilliant thinker, who used logical arguments to refute His critics and establish the truth of His views. Jesus’ use of persuasive arguments demonstrates that He was both a philosopher and an apologist who rationally defended His worldview in discussions with some of the best thinkers of His day.

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