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“This is a desperate time for America….No matter what topic you choose to examine, the deeper your evaluation goes, the more certain you can be that the nation is in trouble and heading in the wrong direction.”

—George Barna, America at the Crossroads

Yes, Hank!  We are indeed at a crossroads and a pivotal time in history. To be equipped for the battles that will define the new America, please send me the resources I’ve selected below, in appreciation for my gift to support CRI’s mind-changing and life-changing outreaches:


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America at the Crossroads: Explosive Trends Shaping America’s Future and What You Can Do about It
With America at the Crossroads, bestselling author and cultural analyst George Barna turns his researcher’s eye on the most significant trends of our moment in history, compiling and distilling the most salient information for busy readers who want to shape culture rather than allow it to shape them. Anyone who has felt overwhelmed by our swiftly changing times will appreciate Barna’s extensive research and his “bottom line” approach.

A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World

We don’t have to lose the next generation to culture. In this practical guide, John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle explore questions including:

  • What unseen undercurrents are shaping twenty-first-century youth culture?
  • Why do so many kids struggle with identity?
  • How do we talk to kids about same-sex marriage and transgenderism?
  • How can leaders steer kids away from substance abuse and other addictions?
  • How can we ground students in the biblical story and empower them to change the world?

With biblical clarity, this is the practical go-to manual to equip kids to rise above the culture.