Seduced?: Shameless Spin, Weaponized Words, Polarization, Tribalism, and the Impending Disintegration of Faith and Culture



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Welcome to the seductive verbal age, or nightmare, of ultramodern syncretism, where endlessly redefined words are mere manipulative tools of power, and the utilization of any normative conception of truth to redeem this verbal opportunism is dismissed as yet another power grab–even within many faith communities. Given the dominance of moral relativism and the rejection of words as fallible but imperfect means of arriving at some form of shared truth, should there really be any consternation at the present verbal civil war and the dizzying cacophony of terms, meaning, and values? Are we surprised at the resulting ecclesial and educational drift, shameless spin, scurrilous accusations, proliferating deceit, polarization, and tribalism? Is it possible that our faith communities and Judeo-Christian influenced civilization, which are symbiotically related, are now at risk of centrifugal disintegration? Ultimately, for meaning to have meaning, for words to serve as words and not weapons, and for individuals and civilizations to flourish, language and communication desperately need realignment with a normative plumb line!Discover in Dr. Matthews’s constructive vision and provocative treatise the properly defined and liberating words capable of generating and sustaining authentic Judeo-Christian faith communities and a truly more perfect civilizational union.

“This is the most impactful and life-changing book project for me since I worked with Josh McDowell on Right from Wrong and wrote the Truth Matters curriculum for Lifeway. Thanks for writing this.” (Dr. Larry Keefauver, award winning bestselling author, ghostwriter and editor for works including Gary Smalley and John Maxwell)

D. K. Matthews has served as Provost and Vice President, Professor of theology and philosophy, nontraditional chaplain, radio host, and was honored with the William Conger Chair of Academic Leadership.

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