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King of Creation DVD-CRI Edition

Label: La Mirada Films
Format: DVD
Region: All
Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes

Includes both Stereo & 5.1 Surround audio. Widescreen 16:9 format

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Living Waters DVD

Format: DVD
Running Time: 68 minutes

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King of Creation DVD-CRI Edition

King of Creation is a collection of meditations on the splendor of God’s creative power and the brilliance of His inspired Word. As each chapter of this remarkable film unfolds, you will sense the presence, comfort, and grace of the Maker of heaven and earth.

Photographed in high definition, King of Creation is a stunning visual celebration of God’s handiwork – and much more. Favorite verses from the Old and New Testaments are underscored by poignant renditions of enduring hymns including “Beautiful Savior,” “ Amazing Grace,” and “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” The result is a uniquely touching message of encouragement and hope.

King of Creation can be enjoyed as an extended worship experience – or, as shorter individual segments that will enhance your personal devotions. It is ideal for home Bible studies, churches, convalescent and retreat centers, and hundreds of other settings. With each viewing, you will encounter the reality of the living God in a refreshing new way.

Living Waters DVD-CRI Edition

Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth is the third film in Illustra Media’s series THE DESIGN OF LIFE. Each episode explores a different realm of the animal kingdom and the remarkable biological systems that make life on Earth possible.

Photographed in North America, England, Peru, Greenland, and Antarctica. Photographed throughout the Pacific, Caribbean, and Atlantic oceans, and the rivers of the Washington and Canada, Living Waters explores the mysteries of Humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and salmon from a perspective ignored by the BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel. Instead of exalting a worldview based upon scientific materialism and undirected evolutionary processes, Living Waters celebrates a timeless truth: every creature that swims, runs, flies, or crawls across our planet is the product not of genetic accidents or blind chance but of purpose, imagination, and design.

This unforgettable documentary weaves a magnificent tapestry of cinematography, computer animation, original music, cutting-edge science, fascinating stories, and much more. For, beyond its aesthetic brilliance, Living Waters is an experience that will touch the hearts and minds of anyone who has ever paused to marvel at the wonders of the living world…and then pondered how they all came to be.

Origin-CRI Edition

This long awaited sequel to Illustra’s landmark documentary, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, challenges the paradigm of scientific materialism and the belief that life is nothing more than the product of blind, undirected processes.

With spectacular computer animation and cutting-edge research, ORIGIN examines a question that has baffled science for centuries: How did life on Earth begin? Today, most researchers insist it arose through simple chemistry that-without direction or plan-somehow transformed inanimate matter into the first living cell. Yet, this explanation is devoid of evidence and unsatisfying, even to its most ardent supporters.

As ORIGIN exposes the flaws of materialistic theories, you’ll travel through a molecular universe to encounter extraordinary biological engineering crucial to the survival of every organism that has ever existed. Engineering that points unmistakably to intelligence and mind.

ORIGIN is a film that transcends science to touch the heart and mind of anyone who has ever pondered the deepest mystery of the human experience: Where did we come from and why are we here?