The Wedge of Truth

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Author: Phillip E. Johnson
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Hardcover Book
Audience: General

Topic: Creation / Evolution

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Science is the supreme authority in our culture. If there is a dispute, science arbitrates it. If a law is to be passed, science must ratify it. If truth is to be taught, science must approve it. And when science is ignored, storms of protest are heard in the media, in the university–even in local coffee shops. While we may learn a great deal from science, it does not offer us unlimited knowledge. In fact, most scientists readily acknowledge that science cannot provide answers to questions of ultimate purpose or meaning. So to what authority will we turn for these? The deficiencies in science and the philosophy (naturalism) that under-girds it call for a cognitive revolution–a fundamental change in our thinking habits. And it all begins with a wedge of truth. This wedge of truth does not “wedge out” a necessary foundation of rational thought. But it does “wedge in” the much-needed acknowledgment that reason encompasses more than mere scientific investigation.

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