Wicca’s Charm

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Author: Catherine Sanders
Publisher: Random House
Paperback Book
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During a year of crisscrossing the country with the support of a journalism fellowship, Catherine Edwards Sanders interviewed Neopagans and witches for her book, Wicca’s Charm. Wicca’s Charm is a lively narrative about what she experienced and discovered during her travels.

From Halloween rituals in Salem, antiglobalization protests in New York to a conversation with a pro-life witch at a North Carolina Dairy Queen, Sanders’s travels brought her to a greater appreciation for her Christian faith—even as she recognized the powerful attraction of Wicca. Wicca’s Charm contrasts what seekers find in Neopaganism that they perceive lacking in the Christian tradition. In doing so, Wicca’s Charm offers astute insights and real-life answers about one of the fastest-growing spiritualities today.

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