As you travel through these audio pages, you will encounter attacks on resurrection ranging from Judaism, which swears it never happened; to Jehovah’s Witnesses, who suggest that Jesus’ physical body was discarded, destroyed, or dissolved into gasses; to Jesus Seminar fellows, who say that resurrection is wishful thinking. When you reach your destination, however, you will have encountered all the evidence necessary to demonstrate not only that Christ’s resurrection is an immutable fact of history, but that your physical resurrection is just as certain. Along the way you’ll find answers to a host of frequently asked questions, such as:

Will we really have tangible, physical bodies?
What age will we be?
Will there be pets and animals in the resurrection?
What about people who were cremated?
Would a good God really send people to Hell for eternity?
And many more.

Hank offers Christians everywhere the chance to learn the irrefutable proof of Jesus’ miraculous return