Questions and Answers with Hank

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Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

  • I know you can’t tell me how to vote, but I am worried about this election because there are serious problems with both candidates.
  • I am having trouble memorizing Scripture; can you give me some advice?
  • How do we know that we are one of God’s elect? Do we choose Him or has He chosen us?
  • What is the true name of God? Should we use the tetragrammaton: YHWH or Yeshua, or what?
  • I am the Charter Organization Representative at my church for the Boy Scouts. There is a lesbian couple that wants to bring their adopted son, how should I handle this?
  • What is your view of Freemasonry?
  • How do angels serve those who will inherit salvation according to Hebrews 1:14? Does everyone have a personal guardian angel?
  • In Samuel it says that God took His Holy Spirit from King Saul. Would God give the Holy Spirit back to someone if they repent?
  • Can you give me some information about the Geneva Bible?

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