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Quote of the Day

I was attending a ministry conference at a very large church…The mammoth auditorium sat thousands in cushioned theater seats rising heavenward. Wherever I looked a dozen flat-panel displays crammed my field of vision with presenters flashing their high-definition smiles. And the stage was alive, a mechanical beast to behold. It was moving fluidly, breathing smoke, and shooting lasers through its digital chameleon skin. The band members were spread across the platform as jagged teeth in the beast’s mouth, and the drummer was precariously suspended from the ceiling like a pagan offering. But even this spectacle could not hold me….
…I began to ponder: Is this what Jesus envisioned? Is this why he came, and suffered, and died? Is this why he conquered death and evil, so that we might congregate for multimedia worship extravaganzas in his name?

- Skye Jethani

Daily Answers

From the Complete Bible Answer Book

Can a woman be saved through childbearing? In his first letter to Timothy, Paul says that “women will be saved through childbearing” (2:15). If this is the case, there must be more than one way to be saved. First, in the Jewish culture of Paul’s day, it was believed that if women died in childbirth […]

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