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Quote of the Day

You are not reading the word of a human being but the Word of God, the Most High. He desires pupils who diligently note and observe what He says. Moreover, if it is well said that the letters of princes should three times because they must speak with deliberation in order not to be considered fools, how much more necessary it is for one to read the letters of God, that is the Holy Scriptures, three, four, ten, a hundred, a thousand, and many thousand times. For God speaks with deliberation and weight, nay, He is the eternal Wisdom itself. Whoever does this becomes better and more learned from Scripture. Whoever does not do so learns nothing, nay, becomes the worse for it.

- Martin Luther

Daily Answers

From the Complete Bible Answer Book

Does Mormonism REALLY teach that Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan? To begin with, according to official Mormon teaching, Jesus Christ is the first spirit child conceived and begotten by Heavenly Father and one of Heavenly Father’s many wives (commonly referred to as “Heavenly Mother”). Just as Heavenly Father before him progressed to godhood, […]

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