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Countdown to collision with Nibiru September 23, 2017?


Quote of the Day

An insidious new intolerance now snakes its way into classrooms, boardrooms, newsrooms, and other places vital to the exercise of free speech. This new intolerance says we must have diversity in all things — except arguments and ideas. It says we must all march in ideological lockstep — or feel the snakebite, and be taken by ambulance from the public square.

- Mary Eberstadt

Daily Answers

From the Complete Bible Answer Book

Does the Bible REALLY teach reincarnation? Reincarnation, literally, “rebirth in another body,” has long been considered to be a universal law of life in the Eastern world. Tragically, today in the West, it is now also believed to be backed by the Bible. The words of Jeremiah, John, and Jesus are typically cited as irrefutable […]

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