Legalism, Islamic State, and Q&A

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Ammo at Crime Scene

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:
Questions and Answers:

  • Although I am a Mennonite, I do not perfectly follow the rules concerning clothing. Am I sinning in doing this?
  • I grew up as a Christian in a Muslim country. As a Christian, there were very few places you could work. The West is very na├»ve about Islam. We were formed on Judeo/Christian values, and are therefore far more welcoming of openness and differences in world views. I wanted to commend you for helping to make the truth about Islam so clear.
  • My pastor teaches that once Christ returns, there will still be sin, in fact, that sin will always exist. What do you think?

Hank’s Comments:

  • During the Question and Answer segment, Hank takes time to share some news. Typically, the Islamic State does not take credit for events that they are not truly involved with. The Islamic State is now talking about 600 people wounded or killed in Las Vegas, claiming this was done by a soldier of the Caliphate. Hank also reads and comments on an email he received today from a Pastor critical of his assertions about Islam.

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