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What Are Exegetical Liabilities of the Twenty- Four-Hour View?

Just as there are extrabiblical liabilities for the twenty-four-hour view (speed of light, star life, etc.), so too there are exegetical liabilities*. First, young-earth creationists* suggest that God employed nonsolar […]

Did God Create His Handiwork with the Appearance of Age?

It is frequently argued that God created the universe and all it entails with the appearance of age. Does this notion correspond to the reality of Scripture and science? First, […]

Were the Genesis Creation Days Literal, Long, or Literary?

There are three dominant schools of thought within evangelical Christianity regarding the Genesis days of creation. First, the popular twenty-four-hour v iew posits that God created the heavens and the […]

When Was the Universe Created?

Using the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) in their calculations, astronomers have determined that the observable universe with its 100 billion galaxies, each containing a 100 billion stars, […]

Is This a Young World After All?

Many Christians consider the universe to be relatively young. But is it really? While special revelation (the Bible) does not specifically address the age issue, general revelation (the book of […]

Is the Canopy Theory Credible?

The canopy theory posits that a blanket of water vapor separated the water under the sky “from the water above it” (Genesis 1:7) until the time of the Flood. This […]

Is It Silly to Believe in Noah’s Flood?

From the perspective of a biblical worldview, the Flood is the most catastrophic event in the history of humanity. From the perspective of Internet spoofers, it is also the most […]

Did Noah Take Seven Pairs or Just Two Pairs of Animals with Him on the Ark?

In his book Jesus, Interrupted, Bart Ehrman, distinguished professor of religious studies at the prestigious University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is perplexed about the number of animals Noah took […]

Does Genesis Confirm the Reality of a Global Flood?

Even a cursory Google search makes plain that the Genesis account of the Flood is one of the favorite targets of those who do not believe the Bible. “If the […]

Why Are Corrupted Flood Accounts Significant?

With all their failings, corrupted accounts of the Flood—such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Epic of Atrahasis, and the even older Eridu Genesis—are yet a significant treasure. First, similarities […]