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What Is the Significance of the Proto-Evangel (Genesis 3:15)?

Eve was tempted to do the unthinkable—to take the place of God as arbiter of good and evil. Satan tempted, and the woman tasted temptation’s ripened fruit. God authored the […]

If God Is One, Why Does the Bible Refer to Him in the Plural?

How could the Israelites be fiercely monotheistic and yet refer to their God using the plural word Elohim? First, this cannot be explained away as a “royal plural” or a […]

Who Is the “Us” in Genesis 1:26?

Commentators variously refer to the “us” in Genesis 1:26 as angels, a plural of majesty, or a divine plurality. Which interpretation is correct? First, though the Bible pictures God as […]

What Are Essential Elements of the Two Creation Accounts?

While Bible-believing Christians may disagree on how to interpret Genesis 1 and 2, they all hold to the following three essentials. First, they believe the Bible, including Genesis, to be […]

Why Did God Accept Abel’s Offering and Reject Cain’s?

First, we must not suppose that Abel’s offering was accepted because it was a blood sacrifice and Cain’s rejected because it was bloodless. Each gave according to his vocation, but […]

What Does It Mean to Be Created in the Image and Likeness of God?

Genesis 1:26 asserts that humankind is made in the imago Dei (quite literally “the image of God”). While we do not share the incommunicable attributes of God—his omnipotence, omniscience, or […]

Do Genesis 1 and 2 Contradict Each Other?

It is not uncommon today to hear skeptical professors on university campuses assert that the Bible cannot be the infallible repository of redemptive revelation because the first two chapters are […]

Was Eve Deceived by a Talking Snake?

First, to read Scripture literally is to read it as literature. This means that we are to interpret the Word of God just as we interpret other forms of communication—in […]

Why Does Genesis Portray Satan As an Ancient Serpent?

The Bible describes Satan as a twisted serpent whom God alone can crush. The metaphor is pregnant with meaning. First, the biblical imagery of the twisted serpent is a masterful […]

What Is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a prime example of physical reality highlighting spiritual truth (see John 3:12). To begin with, God placed the tree in […]