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The Incarnation of Jesus Christ

THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST- Introduction Christians frequently speak about the doctrine of the Incarnation. Well what does this doctrine refer to, and why do Christians consider it so incredibly important? THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST- What is the Incarnation? The term incarnation is of Latin origin, and it means “becoming in flesh.” While the word incarnation […]


NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTOLOGY- Introduction Who is Jesus of Nazareth? According to the Bible, this question is of surpassing significance. So important, that your eternal destiny rests upon what you believe concerning who Jesus Christ is (John 8:24). Just who is he? NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTOLOGY- Who do you say I am? Jesus consistently drew attention to […]

Little Gods: Are We little gods?

LITTLE GODS- Introduction “Word-faith” or “positive confession” teachers often make the claim that we are “little gods.” Are we? LITTLE GODS- Scripture Twisting If pressed about their “little gods” doctrine, positive confession teachers would probably respond by saying that they are only repeating what the Bible says. We should therefore turn our attention in that […]

Divine Healing: Does God Always Heal?

DOES GOD HEAL- Introduction There are a lot of teachers in the church today who believe that God always heals everyone who asks to be healed in faith. How accurate is this view? DOES GOD HEAL- Scriptural Proof In regard to the question of whether or not God always heals everyone who asks in faith, […]

The Anointed: Touching God’s Anointed

GOD’S ANOINTED- Introduction Whenever Christians voice concerns about the doctrines being taught by professing Christian preachers, you often hear the protest, “Touch not God’s anointed.” Is it wrong to criticize the teaching of others? GOD’S ANOINTED- No Criticism? In the Bible God says, “Touch not My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.” Does […]

Palabra Fe:¿Podemos Obtener Cualquier Cosa Que Digamos?

Tanto los maestros del movimiento de la Fe como ciertas sectas de la Ciencia Mental enseñan que podemos tener cualquier cosa que confesemos con tal que tengamos fe. ¿Es cierto esto?En Marcos 11:22–24 Jesús sí dice que “todo por lo cual oráis y pedís, creed que lo habéis recibido, y os será hecho.” ¿Quiere decir […]

The Prosperity Gospel: Can We Have Whatever We Say?

THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL- Introduction Both Word-Faith teachers and certain Mind Science cults teach that we can have whatever we confess as long as we have faith. Is this true? THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL- Believe and Receive? In Mark 11:22-24 Jesus does say, “whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will […]

La Fe de Dios: Tiene Fe Dios?

Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, y otros maestros del movimiento de la Fe tienen una revelación nueva, “Dios actúa por fe.” Y nosotros, también, deberíamos ejercer la misma clase de fe que Dios ejerció cuando creó el mundo. Bueno, ¿es realmente bíblica esta nueva revelación?Hay sólo dos textos de prueba de la Biblia que se usan […]

The Faith of God: Does God have Faith?

THE FAITH OF GOD- Introduction Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and other Word-Faith teachers have a brand new revelation, “God operates by faith.” And we, too,  ought to exercise the same kind of faith that God exercised when He created the world. Well is this new revelation really biblical? THE FAITH OF GOD- The “Proof” There […]

Word Faith: What’s wrong with the Word Faith Movement?

THE WORD FAITH MOVEMENT- Introduction Many popular evangelists are involved with “Positive Confession” or the “Word-Faith” movement. What’s wrong with this movement? THE WORD FAITH MOVEMENT- Televangelists Some of America’s best known televangelists subscribe either partly or wholly to what’s commonly referred to as “positive confession,” the “Word-Faith” teaching, or the “prosperity” doctrine. Its chief […]