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Is the Roman Catholic Church a Cult?

IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT?- Introduction Roman Catholicism — some say it’s a cult, while others believe that it is a bona fide Christian denomination. So, which side is correct? IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT?- A Mixed Bag While Protestants continue to disagree over the issue, CRI firmly maintains that Roman Catholicism is […]

The Roman Catholic Church: What Separates Evangelicals and Roman Catholics?

EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS- Introduction Evangelical Christians and Catholics — what’s the difference? What is it that really separates them? EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS- The Beginning Evangelicals come from a movement that began as a “protest” against non-biblical elements of Catholicism — elements like the belief in purgatory and the practice of granting indulgences. Yet, there remain […]

Who is God? The Attributes of God

WHO IS GOD- Introduction Life Magazine recently asked the provocative question: “WHO IS GOD?” Many answers have been given throughout the ages to reply to this question — but the real answer comes from the Bible. We ought to ask ourselves what does the Bible have to say? Just who is the Christian God, and […]


CHRISTIAN ESCHATOLOGY- Introduction Eschatology, this is simply one of those 50¢ words that simply means “the study of last things” — but today it’s a hot topic for debate. Christians  disagree when it comes to the millennium, the rapture, and how you are going to interpret the Book of Revelation. The question we have to […]

Eternal Punishment: Are People Punished in Hell Forever?

ETERNAL PUNISHMENT- Introduction “How can a loving God send people to hell forever and ever?” Is hell really everlasting, or will it eventually “freeze over?” ETERNAL PUNISHMENT- Annihilationism You’d expect cultists to annihilate the concept of hell, but today, more and more evangelical Christians are buying into this idea of annihilation as well. Rather than […]

Sunday Sabbath: Does Sunday Observance Violate the Sabbath?

SUNDAY SABBATH- Introduction Some religious groups fervently believe that worshiping God on Sunday and not Saturday (the Sabbath) is a direct violation of God’s commands. After all, it’s the 4th commandment isn’t it? SUNDAY SABBATH- Woven Together with Creation Rest assured there is some basis for the position that Christians are not obliged to keep […]

Creeds: The Importance of the Creeds

THE CREEDS- Introduction Many churches recite creeds during their worship services, others don’t. What are the creeds, and are they really important? THE CREEDS- A Long History The term “creed” comes from the Latin word credo, and means: “I believe.” The most famous creeds were forged by the early church. But the Old Testament also […]

Omniscience: Does God Know All Things?

OMNISCIENCE OF GOD- Introduction Does God know everything?  It’s not too surprising to hear non-Christians and even cultists deny that God is omniscient. But what is surprising is that a growing number of theologians today who profess to be evangelicals also deny it. Of course the real question is: What does the Bible say? OMNISCIENCE OF GOD- […]

Soul Sleep

SOUL SLEEP- Introduction Death and dying, what happens to Christians when they die? Some teach a concept called soul sleep, but  doesn’t the Bible teach us that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord?” SOUL SLEEP- Intermediate State While the Bible has little to say about the intermediate state, […]

Body, Soul, and Spirit: Monism, Dichotomy, or Trichotomy?

BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT- Introduction What is man? Is he merely a body? Is he a union of body and soul, or are human beings threefold unions of body, soul, and spirit? Most importantly, what does the Bible say? And what difference does it make? BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT- Material and Immaterial The Bible clearly teaches that […]